With Nick and Krista

"...What do ya want to do today, baby?" Nick asked.

"You mean other than be with you?" Krista looked his way and smiled as she picked up her cup of espresso from the kitchen counter.

"Yeah," he smiled back and took a sip from his cup. "I thought we might walk the Commons, check out the neighborhood Easter egg hunt near the Market. What do ya say?" 

"I'd like that." Krista leaned over and graced him with a big kiss.

"And then maybe we can stop by The Cathedral, just for a while," she intoned.

"Right on," he said pulling her nearer. He let his mouth linger over hers. ...beautiful old world church... almost as beautiful as you... he whispered across her mind.

She giggled and snuggled closer. Quiet place for lovers to reflect... she sent back. 

"And after that," he said aloud nestling against her, "we can make love until dawn."

A sigh echoed from her. "That's my kind of Nick Zelmenis night." She pulled slowly from him. "I'll get the Brownie so we can take pictures of our Easter day outing." 

"Groovy idea baby." He gathered up their used cups and put them in the sink.

She leaned against the kitchen door frame watching him...

© copyright Kaye Manro 2017


Have a gracious and happy Easter


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